Front destiny and activity of the main designer of Soviet prospecting companions D.I. Kozlov (1919-2009).

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Annotation / Аннотация

D.I. Kozlov, general designer of the Progress State Scientific and Production Missile Space Center, veteran of the Great Patriotic War, academician, professor, twice Hero of Socialist Labour, cavalier of many orders, was one of the main specialists in Russian rocket-and-space branch who worked at designing of carrier rockets and reconnaissance satellites. His name was classified for many years.

В статье рассказывается о научной деятельности Д.И. Козлова, генерального конструктора ГНПРКЦ «ЦСКБ – Прогресс», участии в Великой Отечественной войне. Член-корреспондент РАН, профессор, дважды Герой Социалистического Труда, кавалер многих орденов, он был одним из ведущих специалистов отечественной ракетно-космической отрасли по разработке ракет-носителей и разведывательных спутников. Его имя много лет оставалось засекреченным.

Keywords / Ключевые слова

Russian State Archive for Scientific and Technological Documents, Chief designers, Space-and-rocket branch, Great Patriotic War, Carrier rockets, Reconnaissance satellites.

Российский государственный архив научно-технической документации, Государственный научно-производственный ракетно-космический центр «ЦСКБ – Прогресс», главные конструкторы, ракетно-космическая отрасль, Великая Отечественная война, ракеты-носители, разведывательные спутники.

The name of Dmitriy Ilyich Kozlov become unclassified recently. This name is said with special respect near to others, same legendary — S.P. Korolev, V.P.Glushko, V.P.Barmin. It was included into list of the most confidential people of the USSR and the Russian Federation. Any resident of ХХth century could not gather so much military information as Dmitriy Ilyich. One can knows everything about developments in every military spot on the globe with constructed by him spy satellite. Therefore we did not know anything about one of leading experts of russian space-rocket branch.

Dmitriy Ilyich Kozlov (1919-2009) was a chief designer and general director of Russian State Research-Production Space-Rocket Centre “CSKB – Progress”, Corresponding Member (Russian Academy of Sciences), Member of Academy of Cosmonautics named by K.E. Tsiolkovskiy. Dmitriy Ilyich Kozlov was born on October 1919 in the small russian city Tihoretsk (Krasnodarskiy kray). His father was a carpenter. 1937 Dmitriy Ilyich graduated a school and entered Military-Mechanical College in Leningrad (St. Petersburg).

On February 1958 Dmitriy Ilyich Kozlov maked a business trip as representative of S.P. Korolev in Kuybyshev (Samara). In this city was organized serial production of the rocket R-7 in aircraft engineering plant. Dmitriy Ilyich organized engineering support with production of this rocket. On April 1958 Dmitriy Ilyich Kozlov received a post deputy chief constructor. In the year 1959 on territory of this factory was founded the Department of design support of manufacture № 25 OKB-1, subsequently transformed to branch № 3 OKB-1. 1960 D.I.Kozlov became its director and was engaged in a batch production of rocket R-7, He headed the enterprise during 40 years.

For his contribution to realization of Y.A. Gagarin’s flight Kozlov was rewarded with honorary title the Hero of Socialist Labour. Dmitriy Ilyich Kozlov took part in a development of the rocket N-1, which intended for lunar program.

In the 60-th he mastered and headed a new direction in the space-rocket technics – working out of sputniks for remote sounding of the Earth, including with the military-prospecting purposes (for creation of sputniks of a series "Amber" he has been again awarded ranks of the Hero of Socialist Labour and he is awarded by Lenin's fourth award in 1979). Besides, he participated in designing of space vehicles of a series "Photon", the experiments intended for carrying out and researches on pilot production of materials, substances and preparations with unique properties in the conditions of weightlessness and deep vacuum; sputniks of a series "Bion" for biological experiments; geodetic sputnik "Resource-dk" and others – in all 26 space vehicles of different function.