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On June, 22nd, 2010 in a showroom of the Hungarian cultural centre solemn opening of an histority-documentary exhibition «To stars together» to the 30 anniversary of flight of the first Hungarian cosmonaut Bertalan Farkash on an orbital complex "Union-36" - "Salute-6" - "Union-35" has taken place.


Organizers: Federal archival agency, The Russian state archive of the scientific and technical documentation, Archival institute Cultural, scientific and information centre of the Hungarian Republic at participation: Photoarchive of the Hungarian cable agency and Photoarchive of electronic magazine of Ministry of Defence VR.

In exhibition opening have taken part: Bertalan Farkash, Valery Nikolaevich Kubasov and Russian cosmonauts.


«I very much would like to learn, what state of weightlessness if you test its long time and as it is possible to work in such unusual conditions. Undoubtedly, strongest impression begins to observe visually the Earth and to carry out experiments in various directions of a science, technics, medicine, microbiology which will be carried out partly by means of the Hungarian devices» – these words of Bertalan Farkash has said thirty years ago when together with Valery Kubasovym has gone to space flight by the ship "Sojuz-36". Seven working days were spent in an orbit by two friends: Russian – from the city of Vyazniki and the Hungarian – from village Djulahaza.

For a such small country as Hungary, only participation in the program "Interkosmos" could give the chance to send the representative in Universe open spaces. From 20 pilots who have been selected by command of the Hungarian army in September, 1977, in the USSR it has been sent four candidates: captain Imre Butsko, captain Laslo Elek, captain Bertalan Farkash, the captain Madjari Is white. The choice of heads of the Soviet astronautics has fallen on B.Farkasha and B.Madjari. After the termination of obshche-space preparation two crews have been generated: V.N.Kubasov – B.Farkash and V.A.Dzhanibekov – B.Madjari which since November, 20th, 1978 have started direct preparation for space flight. From two Hungarians have chosen B.Farkasha, B.Madjari it was trained as the doubler.
On May, 26th, 1980 at 21 o'clock 21 minute of Moscow time in Soviet Union start of a spaceship of "Sojuz-36" with crew as a part of commander V.N.Kubasova and cosmonaut-researcher B.Farkasha onboard has been carried out. Thus, Hungary became the seventh country which has left in space. Duration of flight has made 7 days of 20 hours of 45 minutes of 44 seconds.
On May, 27th, 1980 at 22 o'clock 56 minutes of Moscow time joining of a spaceship of "Sojuz-36" with an orbital complex "Saljut-6" – "Sojuz-35" with cosmonauts L.I.popovym and V.V. Ryumin onboard has been made.
On "Saljute-6" cosmonauts made unique experiments under the program "Etvyosh" developed by the Hungarian scientists.
All is already archival history. On opening sounded live – memoirs of direct participants, their stories about the sensations, difficulties and about different unusual and amusing situations. And, despite solemnity and the importance of event, in a hall slackness and ease which so can be met on official actions reigned.
Flight of the first Hungarian cosmonaut is a scale event on the value for which 30 anniversary exhibition opening has been dated. Exhibitions which will not allow us to forget true history and great feats of our compatriots and our allies. This place which is necessary for visiting.

At an exhibition documents and documentary photographs of the Russian state archive of the scientific and technical documentation on preparation and flight of cosmonauts are presented. The exhibition exposition is supplemented organically with plots and the film materials reflecting events of thirty-year prescription.

The showroom of the Hungarian cultural centre is located to the address: Street Cook 21, m. "Arbat" or "Barrikadnaja"

For visitors the exhibition is opened from June, 22nd till August, 31st, 2010.
Operating mode: Monday – Friday from 10.00. Till 18.00.