Synieokyi, Oleg. Misty Lights of LONE STAR: From UFO to URIAH HEEP ... and Beyond [Musical-Documentary Studies].

Publisher: ‘University Book’ (Sumy), 8 Аugust 2018, 64 p.

(Anthology ‘Discographial Excavations From The Bins Of Rock Archives’)


The book is about the British rock band LONE STAR, which marked in the development of progressive music of the second half of the ХХ century, but which history has not been sufficiently studied.

In the book, which was published in the minimal circulation in the vein of the tradition of official bootlegs, facts and information about the life and work of the Welsh music project LONE STAR are summarized and consolidated.

Readers will learn the details from the activities of all its participants: at the same time, if the main facts from the rock biographies are already well known to music lovers, some details have so far remained undisclosed.

The author allows detailed digressions towards the development in the recording industry of the ‘Golden Age of Rock’, as well as a number of discussion points in the history of well-known musical groups associated with the protagonists of the release.

Documentary studies about LONE STAR in a unified form with the stories of each of the participants represent an attempt to create an authorized biography of one of the original (but at the same time undeservedly forgotten!) ensembles in the world progressive music, branches of the conditional tree lead to such rock giants as Gary Moore, UFO, URIAH HEEP and also connect the project with other interesting less known, performers and groups.

The discussion character of the presented narrative, uncharacteristic of academic treatises, is predetermined a priori. Author's judgments differ in imagery and non-trivial interpretations, as sometimes accents are shifted in unexpected planes. However, just such a multivariate approach allows not only to get acquainted with little-known pages of the history of rock in general, but also to look at the work of some eminent rockers under a new non-standard angle.

The narrative is given in a form accessible to a wide range of readers, but especially this work is recommended for those music lovers who are interested in alternative views on individual pages of the history of foreign rock.

The research materials are published in Russian for the first time. The information included in the book is the property of the author and can not be copied without his written permission. Illustrations are taken without a commercial purpose from open sources with free access and personal archival collection of the author. Very special thanks to Fin Costello, Mikael Tholander, Morten Hattestad, Wolfgang G?rster, Matthias M?ller, Giampaolo Baroncelli, David Slowey and John Sloman for using rare photos.

The publication is designed for a wide range of readers.

About the author

Synieokyi Oleg Vladimyrovych, 52 уears old, Doctor of Sciences in Social Communications (Document Studies, Archival Studies), Candidate of Juridical Sciences, Associate Professor, lawyer, philophonist and collector of sound recordings with forty-years experience, the owner of a unique collection of music phonodocuments in the amount of more than 10 thousand units of vinyl records, compact cassettes, CDs, DVDs, etc., the author of more than 20 books, including the history of rock music and the industry of music recording, and about 300 scientific articles on musicology, phonogramm documents and audio archives, information and copyright law, mass media criminology, as well as other interdisciplinary problems.

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