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PETIN D.I., Omsk, Russian Federation



The article contains a historical and biographical research and attempts a case-study of the circumstances of the former white officers in Soviet Russia during its first years which is based on an individual fate. Its subject is the controversial fate of sotnik Nicholas Iosifovich Rogozin, of Kuban region, participant of the Civil War in the South of Russia, who ended up in Western Siberia. The study draws on unpublished sources collections from 1920s stored in the Historical Archive of the Omsk Region, the State Archive of the Yaroslavl Region and the Archive of the FSB of Russia Directorate for the Omsk Region. The source base of the research is service records, personnel record questionnaires, criminal case and prosecutor's observation case of N.I. Rogozin. The article also uses curriculum vitae and current records from personal file of ex–white officer N.I. Rogozin. A brief memoir of N.I. Rogozin on the Civil War in the Kuban region, which was written in Omsk in 1924, adds to the study. The publication is aimed at a large audience of scholars in the Russian military history, history of the Soviet society, history of the Soviet special services, and also practicing genealogists.

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Civil War, white movement, officers, Workers' and Peasants' Red Army, soviet power, Kuban region, Yaroslavl, Omsk, genealogy.


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Petin Dmitrii Igorevich, PhD in History, associate professor of the national history department of the Omsk State Technical University, chief archivist of the Centre for Studying the Civil War History of the Historical Archive of the Omsk Region, +7-381-237-05-58, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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