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1 “Vyatka is ended, the golden day is ended”. The Vyatka exile of the members of the Romanov House in april, 1918: reconstruction Markelov A.V. 23
2 From formation and development history of archives in Khabarovsk krai in 1923–2013 Saleeva L.V. 41
3 “Survey of F. P. Litke’s Papers Collection Stored in the Central State Archive of Ancient Acts” Compiled by the Historian and Archivist V. L. Bushueva: 1946–48 Pivovarov, Evgeny G., Skrydlov, Andrey Yu. 65
4 Anti-Soviet Organizations and Groups in the Omsk Region in 1927: Report of the Omsk Regional OGPU Department to Local Party Leadership Sushko, Aleksey V. 75
5 “Kind Advice of a Competent Writer-Scientist and Warm Compassion of a Kind Sympathetic Person”: V. D. Ulrich’s Letters to V. I. Semevsky (1893–1905) as a Historical Source Gavrilov, Sergey V., Gavrilova, Irina A. 83
6 The History of the Tselina through the Eyes of an Immediate Participant: Everyday Narratives from A. F. Plokhotnichenko’s Manuscript Pakhomova, Elena V. 102
7 Autobiography of Yuri Knorozov: Evolution of the Document in the Researcher’s Personal File Dolgova, Evgeniya A. 124
8 Letter from Z. A. Voskresenskaya to the Chairman of the Leningrad City Executive Committee P. S. Popkov with a Request for Food Aid (1943) Tverdyukova, Elena D. 138
9 Letters to the Leaders of the USSR Requesting Rehabilitation of the Institute of the Peoples of the North in Leningrad: 1947–48 Nerush, Varvara O. 159
10 Appointment of V. A. Kanin as Commander of the Baltic Fleet (1915): Materials from the Russian State Archive of the Navy Bazhanov, Denis A., Zakharov, Alexandr M., Emelin, Alexey Yu. 174