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УДК 94(470)

KALINCHEV S.E., Moscow, Russian Federation



The update analyses scientific and methodological activities of the Federal Archival Agency, of the Russian Society of Historians and Archivists (ROIA) and of the federal archives concerning the progress of certification of the federal and organizations archives that have documents from the Archival Fond of the Russian Federation on temporary or depositary storage; research and development projects in the field undertaken on the state assignment under the Federal Targeted Programme “Russian Culture: 2012-2018”; research, scientific and methodological work in implementing Rules for Organization of Storage, Acquisition, Recording and Usage of Documents of the Archival Fond of the Russian Federation. It addresses issues of promotion of the bilateral cooperation within the scope of activities of Russian-Hungarian Commission for Cooperation in Archiving and of development oft he Russian-Israeli cooperation in archiving. It informs of plans for joint arrangements for celebrating the 100th anniversary of Finland independent statehood in 2017 and reports the signing of the intergovernmental protocol to grant the Russian-Chinese Commission for Cooperation in the Humanities a status of subcommittee. It provides information on joint Russian-Vietnamese publishing and exhibitory projects, as well as exchange of archival documents copies, archival staff development, and organization of collaborative historical and documental exhibition “Revolution of 1917 in Russia and liberation struggles of the peoples of Vietnam and the West” and editing of collaborative documents collection “The Soviet Union and Vietnam in the days of the First Indochina War. The Geneva Conference of 1954: Collected documents and materials”. It addresses issues of preparing collaborative historical and documentary exhibition “The Romanovs and Vatican: 1613 - 1917”. It informs of historical and documentary exhibitions of Russian and Belarusian archives and reports implementation of a Joint Plan of Action of the Federal Archival Agency and the Department for Archives and Records Management of the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Belarus. It announces the All-Russian scientific conference “N.M. Karamzin and his time” and the opening of the 19th Elisaveta&Sergius readings in the Chamber of the Chrism of the Palace of Patriarch Nikon in the Moscow Kremlin in order to commemorate the 100 years since the death of the Tsar and his family. It reports introduction of a new section “The Great Terror. Stalin’s repressions. Gulag” in the Internet-project “Archives for School”.

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Archive, Federal Archival Agency, Russian society of historians and archivists (ROIA), archiving, federal state archives, Israel, Hungary, Vietnam, Serbia, Finland, A.N. Kosygin, L.I. Brezhnev, N.S. Khrushchev.


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