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BOGDANOV V.P., Moscow, Russian Federation



The article studies apostils in books as an important source on genealogy. The article draws on author’s database dating from 2008. The case-study of the Streshnevs family (17th century) has shown that even isolated records contain unique information on the fates of the family members. Thus, taken together, the data provides important information on the genesis of social groups and allows study the fates of book collections. This subject-matter is traced in this case-study of two Perm enterpriser families: the Smyshlyaevs and the clan of Ostanin-Lunegov-Rzhevins. The apostils allow trace five generations of the families and make genealogical tables. The study establishes that two families changed their social status several times throughout the century. Smyshlyaevs began as priests to rise to noblility, members of the Ostanin-Lunegov-Rzhevins clan rose from peasants to petty bourgeoisie and merchants. Moreover, apostils and genealogical tables contribute important data to the book history of the region. It is shown that apostils serve as legal document recording the owner’s social status and their connection with the book (inheritance, purchase, etc.). Books that contain apostils of the Ostanin-Lunegov-Rzhevins clan members allow identify them as old believers.

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Apostils, genealogy, social history, book culture, social dynamics.


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Bogdanov Vladimir Pavlovich, PhD in History, senior researcher of the cultural history laboratory of the historical faculty of the M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University, Moscow, Russian Federation, 8-926-527-28-51, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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