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KOROVYAKOVSKY I.V., Kursk, Russian Federation



This publication is a review of a volume “Documentary History of the Soviet-Vietnamese relations: 1945-1955” written by the Kursk State University professors Irina Konoreva and Igor Selivanov and published by the publishing house of the Kursk State University in 2016. The volume includes over 100 documents from Russian archival fonds, 40 of which are published for the first time. It is to commemorate the 65th anniversary of the Soviet-Vietnamese diplomatic relations and is addressed to scientists, graduate students and students of higher educational institutions. The first part of the volume contains materials of a research in the background of the official Soviet-Vietnamese relations spanning from the announcement of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam to its recognition by the USSR in late January 1950. The second part characterizes the first period in the relations of the USSR and the DRV, from February 1950 to the death of Stalin in March 1953. The final part covers the period from March 1953 to the end of 1955, H? Ch? Minh managing relations with the new post-Stalin leadership of the USSR. The Geneva Conference which settled issues of the peaceful regulation in Indochina (spring – summer 1954) was a milestone of that period. Some documents and texts are cited from Soviet periodicals, collections of documents on international relations and various editions of H? Ch? Minh’s works. The published for the first time documents of the Presidium of the Central Committee of the CPSU concerning H? Ch? Minh’s visit in Moscow in summer 1955 are of particular interest. In the appendix there is a character report on H? Ch? Minh that was written in the Central Committee of the CPSU in September 1945, an analytical review of the archival documents concerning the “case” of Tr?n Ng?c Th?m (1949-1950), which have not been included in the volume, and a list of factories that were to be built in North Vietnam according to the decision of the Presidium of the Central Committee of the CPSU of May 23, 1955.

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Archive, source, history of Soviet-Vietnamese relations, archival documents on the history of the Soviet Union and North Vietnam, scholarship on the history of the socialist countries.

Konoreva I.A., Selivanov I.N. Dokumental'naja istorija sovetsko-v'etnamskih otnoshenij. 1945-1955 [Documentary history of the Soviet–Vietnamese relations: 1945-1955]. Kursk, Kurskij gosudarstvennyj universitet publ., 2016, 270 p.


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