The report on management of a diocese as source on stories of Russian Orthodox Church (on an example of the Kuibyshev diocese)

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Podmaritsyn A.G., Samara, Russian Federation

The report on management of a diocese as source on stories of Russian Orthodox Church (on an example of the Kuibyshev diocese)


Ecclesiastical office of special investigations at different levels (parishes, deaneries, dioceses and most Patriarchates) Soviet period was not conducted. Researcher’s history of the Russian Orthodox Church of the twentieth century, there is no structural analysis of the most commonly used forms of record keeping. Among these belonged report on management diocese, by the end of the 1940s took shape as annual obligatory the form of documentation of the Moscow Patriarchate. Report completed and submitted to by the diocesan bishop by the specified date in the name of His Holiness Patriarch. The historically the previous form in the synodal time an annual report was the diocesan bishop of the Holy Synod. Restitution of ecclesiastical administration (both in the center and at regional level) to the middle of the 1940s logical to resulted in the restoration of former record keeping forms, with the inevitable corrected for time and circumstances. In a new report form was divided into two unequal parts on volume: the descriptive and statistical. The first part is according to the proposed model scheme, free text. For a historian of greatest interest are the statistical information characterizing separate diocese for a variety of positions. This detailed statistics of the clergy, and the number and type of parishes, information about the utilized religious buildings, the income and expenditures of sums of money, a report the economic activity of church institutions in the diocese (candle workshops, workshops of design Mass Utensils) Separately taken into account, if available, seminaries and monasteries and their activities. For descriptive reasons, the analysis of the structure were selected the second copies of management reports the Diocese of Kuibyshev the late 1940s-1950s. It has been deposited fund in Samara diocesan archive. Proposed materials are published for the first time, and as an example to help provide a general picture of the regional diocese in the postwar period. A continuation of this study would be to identify and study array of reports compiled by the dioceses, which were deposited in the Office of the Moscow Patriarchate.


Russian Orthodox Church, economic base of Russian Orthodox Church, activity of Russian Orthodox Church, ecclesiastical office, annual diocesan reports.

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