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On November, 1st, 2010 at 18.30 the House of Russian Abroad of a name of Alexander Solzhenitsyna invites to presentation of the scientific monography of Elena Nazemtsevoj: «Russian emigration in Sintszjane (1920-1930)» (Barnaul: Open Society IPP "Altai", 2010)

Elena Nikolaevna Nazemtseva - the candidate of historical sciences, the senior lecturer of chair of general history of the Altay state pedagogical academy. More than ten years are engaged in such complicated question as studying of history of Russian emigration in Sintszjan - Uigur independent area (СУАР) China. Elena Nikolaevna - the author more than 40 publications on stories of Russian Abroad.

Its monography „Russian emigration in Sintszjane (1920 - 1930th)" is devoted a little-known plot from history of Russian abroad — stories of Russian emigration in Uigur independent area of China (СУАР). Here for the first time unique archival documents which throughout the long period of time were inaccessible are resulted and had the status "confidential". Rare certificates of direct participants which also reveal for the first time the public, have allowed to reconstruct formation history, to reveal features political, economic, a social status of Russian emigration in Sintszjane in 20-30th years of the XX-th century.

In the book the considerable attention is given studying of motives, scales and consequences of participation of Russian emigrants in events of internal political life of a province, their anti-Soviet activity. All these questions are considered in dialectics of the international mutual relations in region.

The book is calculated as on those who is interested in history of Russian emigration in China, and on experts-historians.

The Address: Moscow, street Nijnyaya Radishchevsky, 2.