”Not to distribution…”. Gorki regional literature committee against Maxim Gorky

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Annotation / Аннотация
The author represents the declassified documents of Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the USSR on Gorki region, including 11th department of Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the USSR on Gorki area (Protection departments of military and state secrets to the press at Gorki regional executive committee - Gorki regional lighted), concerning unpublished article “About Jews” which author ostensibly is Maxim Gorky.
Автор представляет рассекреченные документы Управления МВД СССР по Горьковской области, в том числе 11-го отдела Управления МВД СССР по Горьковской области (Управления по охране военных и государственных тайн в печати при Горьковском облисполкоме - Горьковского обллита), касающиеся неопубликованной статьи «О евреях», автором которой якобы является Максим Горький.

Keywords / Ключевые слова
Maxim Gorky, the unpublished manuscript, censorship, "the jewish" question, the Central Archive of the Nizhniy Novgorod Region. Максим Горький, неопубликованная рукопись, цензура, «еврейский» вопрос, Центральный архив Нижегородской области.

Maxim Gorky all life consistently opposed insults of Jews. He witnessed awful events in the Kanavinsky large village on June, 7th, 1884. It has forever remembered malicious people, crowd which pressed all on the way. The writer often expressed in protection of Jews. Repeatedly it printed materials on this theme. These works published. Despite censorship. But to cause these publications began soon suspicion at the Soviet management. Documents of Administration for the Protection of State Secrets in the Press at Gorki regional executive committee (Gorki regional literature committee, 1953).

Accompanying note - Inquiry of 4th department of Management of the Administration of Internal Affairs of the USSR on Gorki area to the chief of 11th department of Administration of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the USSR on Gorki area for №2/1-3378

6th of November
Top secret

We direct you copy of article “About Jews”. The author of this article ostensibly is Maxim Gorky. We ask you to check up and inform urgently, whether really article is written by Maxim Gorky. If the author of article is Gorky, it is necessary to find out, when it has been written and in this connection it is written. It is necessary to find out, where it is published.

The article by Maxim Gorky (?) “About Jews”. 1919

When it is bad to Russian to live, he accuses of it the wife, the neighbor, weather, God. Everything, except itself. It is Russian nature. There is a saying: “Bring down shaft the sin on everything, cause pity - and a devil you will deceive.” We always complain of somebody from outside to justify our stupidity, laziness, our inability to live and work. Now again in soul of the Russian becomes ripe envy and hatred of idlers to Jews. Jews - the people live, active. Jews overtake the heavy Russian because are able and like to work. I know - you will tell: “Yes, it again protects Jews, well is, of course, bribed». Yes, I am bribed, but not money. For a long time I was bribed by the small ancient Jews. The people have bribed me the firmness in struggle for life. It has bribed me the living faith in a truth celebration. This faith without which there is no human, and it is only animal.

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